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"Her energy is so infectious and inspiring, I feel like I have a spring in my step after seeing her!"

"Sonya lights up a room and takes you on a wondrous ride to deeper self awareness."


"Goodness, she had me captivated at Hello! Thank you Sonya, for making me feel safe with such tender topics."

Vibrant talks tailored to each event and audience.
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Find Your Inner Jezebel

Find your Inner Jezebel - Having previously repeatedly portrayed the ‘sexy’ girl, everyone assumed a lot about me, but in actual fact, I was not sitting in my power at all, until I owned my inner Jezebel and be damned what others thought of me then. A woman’s topic; a refreshingly honest and authentic talk about owning your past, triumphing over demons and holding your head high.


From Hate to Hug - Everyone has a nightmare enemy story. What if yours was with the parent of your child, who, for 9 years, kept you embroiled in a family court war, and in the process, took everything you had?
Now faced with poverty, I’d managed to keep sole custody of my child and my strength, throughout most challenges and even crisis. But when I felt I was losing my dignity in this battle, I thought I’d finally reached my breaking point. Then I was gifted an opportunity to dig a little deeper and picked my perfect-revenge-with-love moment. No one was more surprised than me at the outcome.

In this new era of #MeToo, Sonya Côté delivers the first book on the #MeToo movement from the Canadian entertainment business.
We are in the midst of a revolution on how to communicate with each other.
Like most women, she’s had her share of negative and unwanted experiences, along with two marriages that didn’t end well, some exultant affairs, one daughter and a string of successes and disappointments in a variety of entertainment careers.
Having done much personal work, Sonya's perspective is unique, compassionate and balanced for both sexes. Her talks are delivered with poise and humour.
"Ask Sonya Anything…no really ANYTHING!"
A Q&A like no other.
Here is your chance to get the answers to questions you've never dared to ask. Sonya creates a light yet frank environment where healthy sexual expression is encouraged and embraced.
Presented safely from a balanced and mature perspective.

"Ask Sonya Anything…no really ANYTHING!"
Here is your change to get the answers to sexual questions you've never dared to ask.. Sonya creates a light yet frank environment where healthy sexual expression is encouraged and embraced.
We are in the midst of a new evolution on how to communicate each other.
Sonya’s well earned stripper stripes give her the rank of Captain of sexual communication. Let Sonya’s well rooted experience and deep passion take you to the next level of healthy sexual expression; mindful masculinity and fierce femininity. Her insights and exper’tease highlights women’s respectable complexities and men’s enviable simplicity and how to begin a new conversation and a greater understanding.

"Sonya's advocacy for healthy male sexual expression in these times is most welcome."

"Sonya is blunt, funny and very real. Love her."

"I felt safe asking dirty questions!"

"Thank you for the gift of understanding my sexual needs and sensual wants. I feel more confident in speaking my sexual voice."

Exclusive Erotica Readings
Private, intimate evenings of elegant erotic-tainment

Tales of Audacity, Adventure and Awareness
Sonya’s elegant erotica stories are a perfect addition for your next gathering of mature adults. Includes an anonymous and often vampy Q&A finale. Locations, Terms & Conditions to be discussed. Only Mature Requests will be considered.

"We had a blast! It was totally hot! Sonya makes smut so not sleazy. Thank you for keeping it classy, comfortable and very amusing!"

"I booked Sonya as a total surprise for my friends one night… it was so much fun and we’ve been talking and smiling about it for weeks. Sonya, thanks for making me a rock star party planner!"

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