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"Sonya's tips and tricks are invaluable. Taking this class from her, a 40 year veteran of the entertainment business, was mind-blowing. "

"Sonya's stories of her jobs and auditions were as educational as they were entertaining."


"Sonya's teaching style is kind and funny AND hard-hitting and blunt. She supported me and guided me in a way that I'd never had before, with any other teachers. I really felt empowered."

The Art of Auditioning

This course is a must for ALL Levels.
New actors; don’t burn your bridges with casting directors before even getting started in the business. Act like a pro from your 1st audition to build important relationships with those who make the calls.
Seasoned actors; ever walk out of the room thinking you nailed it, or booked several ‘holds’ but the phone didn’t ring? Likely, the reason is so simple you might’ve overlooked it till now.
Casting directors may get to know you, but if the audition wasn’t so important, they would simply dispense with it and call you directly to book you. Find out how to significantly boost your chances of booking jobs with this course. This advice is invaluable whether it’s your 1st audition or your 100th.
Some of it is "slap your forehead" obvious, and some of it you wish you’d thought of years ago!
This 8 week class starts Saturday, January 19th, 2019, 3 - 6pm
Cost $399 + HST
Taught at The Infinity Forge
430 York Blvd.
Hamilton, Ontario
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What not to do...


From Hate to Hug - Everyone has a nightmare enemy story. What if yours was with the parent of your child, who, for 9 years, kept you embroiled in a family court war, and in the process, took everything you had?
Now faced with poverty, I’d managed to keep sole custody of my child and my strength, throughout most challenges and even crisis. But when I felt I was losing my dignity in this battle, I thought I’d finally reached my breaking point. Then I was gifted an opportunity to dig a little deeper and picked my perfect-revenge-with-love moment. No one was more surprised than me at the outcome.

Exclusive Erotica Readings
Private, intimate evenings of elegant erotic-tainment

Tales of Audacity, Adventure and Awareness
Sonya’s elegant erotica stories are a perfect addition for your next gathering of mature adults. Includes an anonymous and often vampy Q&A finale. Locations, Terms & Conditions to be discussed. Only Mature Requests will be considered.

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