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Sonya Cote is an award winning actor, recognized recording artist, published author and engaging speaker.

Sonya Cote is a film and television actress, singer, voice actor and author. Born in Montreal, Sonya started at the age of 4 on her father's television show Tween Set. At 13, she was professionally singing in bars and musical theatre productions. She left home at 18 and literally sang for her supper on the streets of Montreal for a year, and auditioned for everything she could. She worked as a model and did commercials, jingles and voice work.
Moving to Toronto, she found work in film and television, and worked as a nude dancer, burlesque entertainer and Vaudevillian-type singer, in various styles: Jazz, cabaret, swing, retro country, in various places around the world, from NYC to Mumbai to Paris.
Today, 4 decades later, Sonya continues to work full time in the entertainment industry, most recently appearing on Suits and American Gods, 2018 / 2019.

Sonya is an extremely diversified performer with a powerhouse presence, she lights up the stage and sparks up her audience. She also has an innate talent to take whatever curveball life has thrown her and make it into high art, high camp or simply a great source of humour. Either live on stage, as your mentor or in her impactful writings, her message will shift your perspectives for the better.
As a champion of healthy sexual expression, this self-titled “Sex-ologist” offers humorous life lessons that bring to light self empowerment, self-awareness, and how to live a life with vibrancy.
An undeniable people person, Sonya finds silver linings for her audience and mentoring clients. Her talks and advice are always informative, compassionate and fun experiences.
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